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2020 Feb 7-13: Exhibition "Collection of Recollection" at Shinjuku

2015 Jul 18: Talk event "Never Ending War 2.0"​ by Takayo Iida & Noi Sawaragi

2015 Jan-Mar: Questionnaires Project "Voices from Toride"

2014 Mar 30: Talk event "Art History of Toride" by Masako Kumakura &Nana Fukuda

2014 Mar 28: Talk event "What is War Painting?" by Motoi Masaki & Koh Tsuji

2014 Mar 22: Talk event "Design and Art in Society: Create, Live, Affect" by Megumi Iida

2014 Mar 16: Talk event "Residence and Art Space! -Haishakkei-" by Nobuhiro Kuzuya

2014 Mar 16: Study session "Art and Communication English" by Kumiko Kato

2014 Mar 7: Talk event "Art Management 2 -Raising Funds and Materials" by Keijiro Okumura

2014 Mar 7: Talk event "YU SATALK! ! Toride News TOP10" by Yu Sato

2014 Feb 23: Talk event "Art Management 1 -15 Years of Toride Art Project  and its agenda for future" by Yasue Habara

2014 Jan 26: LABO Kick-Off Party and Book Sharing

2014: FLAKE Project

2013~: Toride e Conte Channel "Yakekuso Sampo"

  • Special Mission Report!! YU SATO's Research,

  • Yakekuso Radio, YU SATO's Toride FUDO-SANPO

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